Summer 2014

Lego Engineering

Camp Duration: Each camp is a four day camp that meets three hours each day.

Ages: 6-9

Cost: $180

Introduce your young student to the wonderful world of robotics and engineering with the creative LEGO® system. Students will build several different models that feature working motors and sensors.

What will your child learn in LEGO Engineering?

  • They will learn to program their models.
  • They will learn about simple machines like gears, pulleys, levers and inclined planes.
  • They will learn to measure, estimate and make educated guesses.
  • They will test their conjectures and form new ideas – the key to the engineering process – build,test and revise.

Engineering 1: This is a perfect starter class for students that have never experienced working with LEGO WeDo kits.  Students will learn the basic of programming and how to use the sensors to make their models perform different tasks.

Engineering 2: Students will continue to explore engineering and programming with all new, larger models to build.  This camp will continue to challenge students with creative, problem-solving challenges.  Previous experience with the LEGO WeDo kits is preferred, from either Math Monkey’s Engineering 1 camp or another source.

Lego Robotics

Camp Duration:Each camp is a four day camp that meets three hours each day.

Ages: 9-13

Cost: $180

LEGO Robotics combines LEGO building, computer programming, design, team-work, and problem-solving skills in a fun and challenging environment.

LEGO Robotics gives kids as young as 4th grade the opportunity to explore engineering, math and science. The process of creating autonomous machines that complete useful tasks is what makes LEGO robotics so much fun!

Experience with LEGO Robotics teaches many important skills.

  • Learn how to break a complex problem into small manageable parts.
  • Organize simple tasks to create more complex behaviors.
  • Evaluate results and fix bugs.
  • Build the critical thinking skills that children need to be successful in any endeavor.
Our expert teachers will guide students as they build and test their LEGO robots and learn valuable engineering principles along the way.

Robotics 1: This camp will introduce students to the LEGO NXT kits.  Students will learn to write programs and complete simpler task that require different sensors include light, ultra-sonic, touch and color sensors.  No experience is required.

Robotics 2: Students will build on the knowledge learned in the Robotics 1 camp.  They will learn to combine different sensors to complete more difficult tasks.  The programs will become more complex as they progress through more difficult tasks.  Previous experience with the LEGO NXT systems is require to ensure students get the full benefits from the class.


Lego Engineering 16-9June 9-12, 201412:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed - contact Math Monkey
for wait list details.
Lego Engineering 16-9June 23-26, 20149:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Only 4 spots left - Enroll
Lego Engineering 16-9July 7-10, 20149:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Closed - contact Math Monkey
for wait list details.
Lego Engineering 26-9June 23-26, 201412:30pm-3:30 pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Lego Engineering 26-9July 21-24, 20149:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Lego Robotics 19-13June 2-5, 201412:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Lego Robotics 19-13July 14-17, 20149:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Lego Robotics 29-13June 16-19, 201412:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Lego Robotics 29-13July 28-31, 20149:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Enroll

Math Monkey Math Blast Camps

Math Blast Camp will help your student rocket into the new school year! Each session features Math Monkey’s proven math-is-fun approach, yet hones in on one of four different areas: Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Division & Fractions and Pre-Algebra.  Each camp is limited to 12 students.

Camp Duration:  Each camp is a four day camp that meets two hours each day.

Cost:  $120 per student.


CampGradesDatesTimeLocationEnroll Online
Addition & Subtraction1-3July 14-17, 201410:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*4 open spots - Enroll
Addition & Subtraction1-3July 28-31, 201412:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Addition & Subtraction1-3August 4-7, 201412:30-2:30pmUS Toy**Enroll
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)3-4July 7-10, 201412:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)3-4July 28-31, 201412:30-2:30pmUS Toy**Enroll
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)3-4August 4-7, 201410:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Multiplication & Division (Advanced)4-5July 28-31, 201410:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Fractions and Decimals4-5July 21-24, 201412:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Pre-Algebra5-7August 4-7, 201412:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Brain Builders: Problem Solving3-4July 7-10, 201410:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Brain Builders: Problem Solving3-4July 21-24, 201410:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Brain Builders: Problem Solving5-6July 14-17, 201412:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*Enroll
Brain Builders: Problem Solving5-6August 4-7, 201410:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*Enroll

*Math Monkey of Leawood – 15061 Nall Ave., Leawood, KS 66223

**US Toy – 2008 W 103rd Terr., Leawood, KS 66206

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