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1-on-1 Online Tutoring

Math Monkey’s 1-on-1 Online Tutoring program is an innovative, personalized, convenient and affordable solution to your tutoring needs.  For some reason parents seem to believe that students must be in the same room as their tutor in order to get help.  My question to you is “Truly, how often are the tutor and student looking at each other?”  This of our online program as if the tutor were standing directly behind the student and helping them with their homework.

How is Math Monkey’s online tutoring different?
1-on-1 online sessions with the same tutor each time.
Communication via voice and whiteboard technology.
Teacher available in the after-school hours and weekends.
Proactive tutoring that is focused on results.
Certified teachers with Masters Degree or higher.
Follow the same text book as the one your student is using in school.
Initial and ongoing assessments to track progress.
Parent portal for up-to-date progress reports.
100% Money Back Guarantee during the first two weeks or the first four lessons, whichever comes first.

What grade levels do we work with?
Students in grades 3 through 12 and beyond.

How much do sessions cost?
$25 per hour

How does the money back guarantee work?
If you are not completely satisfied after the first four lessons or the first two weeks (whichever comes first), and communicate that, in writing, to our center director, the agreement that you signed will be terminated.  If you discontinue lessons within the timeframe described above, all tuition paid within the money back guarantee period will be refunded.

How can I sign up?
You can contact us directly at 913-897-6284 or you can enroll online by clicking on the following link:
Enroll here!

What subjects are available through online tutoring?

ElementaryMiddle School & High SchoolTest Prep / MIsc
MathPre-algebraPSAT - Verbal / Quantitative Only
Writing & GrammarAlgebra 1SAT Reasoning - Complete
Reading Comprehension & VocabularyAlgebra 2SAT Reasoning - Verbal Only
ScienceGeometrySAT Reasoning - Quantitative Only
TrigonometrySAT 2 - Subject Tests
Pre-CalculusACT - Complete
CalculusACT - English
PhysicsACT - Math
ChemistryACT - Science
BiologyAP Biology Test Prep
Writing & GrammarAP Chemistry Test Prep
Reading Comprehension & VocabularyAP Physics Test Prep
AP Statistics Test Prep
AP Calculus Test Prep
C++ Programming
Java Programming
C# for Beginners
HTML & Basic Web Development
Graphic Design with Photoshop
Languages - Spanish
Languages - Hindi
Languages - French
Languages - Malayalam

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