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Summer 2022 High School Classes

Math Monkey believes in placing students in classes based on individual abilities.  With that said, if you are interested in any of these classes but your student is not in high school, NO PROBLEM.  Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss options. 

Sometimes students may feel they didn’t quite get everything out of their classes this year.  They may also want to get ahead for the upcoming school year.  If you have a student that is taking one of the classes in the 2022/2023 school year, this would be a great opportunity to get ahead start.

All classes will have a remote option and classes will be recorded for students to play back if they are unable to attend.


  • Classes will meet twice a week
  • 10 weeks from June 6th through August 11th
  • Classes will meet for one hour
  • Homework will be given to ensure understanding of concepts
  • Electronic copies of books will be provided
  • Class sized will be limited to 8 students

Cost: Classes are billed in 3 installments of $149 each (1st at registration, 2nd week of June 6th, 3rd week of July 4th).  Printed copies of books available for additional charge.

View concepts covered in each class here.

Physics*Mondays/Wednesdays11:30-12:30pmMath MonkeyClosed
Algebra 1*Mondays/Wednesdays12:30-1:30pmMath MonkeyEnroll
Pre-Calculus*Mondays/Wednesdays1:30-2:30pmMath MonkeyEnroll
Python Programming*Mondays/Wednesdays2:30-3:30Math MonkeyClosed
GeometryTuesdays/Thursdays12:30-1:30pmMath MonkeyEnroll
ChemistryTuesdays/Thursdays1:30-2:30pmMath MonkeyClosed
Algebra 2Tuesdays/Thursdays2:30-3:30pmMath MonkeyClosed

*Classes on Monday, July 4th will be made up on Friday, July 8th.

Class openings are not updated in real time and therefore can not be guaranteed.  Confirmation emails will indicate if student was enrolled in the class or placed on waitlist.  Cancellation Policy: 1st installment is non-refundable and reserves your student a place in the class.  Billing installments scheduled after cancellation date will be cancelled and not charged.

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