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Math Blast Camps

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we understand that some families might not be comfortable returning to the classroom.  We are offering the option to participate in our Math Blast camps remotely.

If you prefer the remote option, students will join the class via Webex and work with the teacher, and other students, through each lesson.  Homework and any other material will be supplied electronically.

Math Monkey will be returning to the center the week of June 8th, with restrictions.  To read about these restrictions, please click here

Due to COVID-19 we are stricting camps to 6 students in-person.

Please contact Math Monkey if you have any specific questions.

Math Blast Camp will help your student rocket into the new school year! Each session features Math Monkey’s proven math-is-fun approach, yet hones in on several different areas: Addition & Subtraction, Time & Money, Multiplication & Division, Division & Fractions, Pre-Algebra and Problem Solving.


Camp Duration:  Each camp is a four day camp that meets two hours each day.  All times are central standard time.

Cost:  $125 per student.


CampGradesDatesTimeLocationIn-Person TuitionVirtual Tuition
Addition & Subtraction1-3June 22-25, 202010:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Addition & Subtraction1-3July 13-16, 202010:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Addition & Subtraction1-3July 27-30, 202012:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Time & Money2-3July 13-16, 202012:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)3-4June 15-18, 202012:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)3-4July 6-9, 202010:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)3-4August 3-6, 202010:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*Closed$89-Enroll
Multiplication & Division (Advanced)4-5June 29-July 2, 202012:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Multiplication & Division (Advanced)4-5July 20-23, 202012:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Fractions and Decimals4-5July 6-9, 202012:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Fractions and Decimals4-5July 27-30, 202010:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed
Pre-Algebra6-7August 3-6, 202012:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*Closed$89-Enroll
Brain Builders: Problem Solving3-4July 20-23, 202010:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*$125-Enroll$89-Enroll
Brain Builders: Problem Solving5-6July 13-16, 202010:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*ClosedClosed


Addition & Subtraction (grades 1-3)

Addition and Subtraction camp will work on mental strategies to quickly add and subtract numbers. Concepts that will be covered are basic addition and subtraction facts, carries and borrows, and real world word problems.

Time & Money (grades 2-3)

Time and Money camp will work on all aspects of time and money: including, analog and digital time, time word problems, AM and PM, counting coins and bills, making amounts with coins and bills, money word problems, and making change.

Introduction to Multiplication & Division (grades 3-4)

Students will be introduced to the concepts of multiplication and division.  All basic multiplication and division facts will be covered along with word problems that include multiplication and division.

Advance Multiplication & Division (grades 4-5)

Students will learn traditional and mental multiplication for 2 and 3 digit numbers, traditional long division and mental division techniques, and both multiplication and division word problems.

Fractions & Decimals (grades 4-5)

Students will learn techniques to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and decimals.  Students will also work on techniques to convert between fractions, decimals and percents.  Fraction and decimal word problems will also be covered.  To get the most benefit from this class students should have a solid understanding of their basic multiplication facts.

Pre-Algebra (grades 6-7)

Students will learn pre-algebra concepts including working with positive and negative integers, positive and negative exponents, the real number system, basic algebraic equations.

Brain Builders: Problem Solving (grades 3-6)

Through games and puzzles students will explore math beyond the numbers.  They will discover the power of their minds while having a lot of fun.  They will learn new strategies as they become more confident problem solvers with increased critical thinking and logic skills.  Students are grouped by entering grade level in the Fall: 3rd – 4th & 5th – 6th.


*Camp openings are not updated in real time and therefore can not be guaranteed.  Confirmation emails will indicate if student was enrolled in camp or placed on waitlist.  Cancellation Policy: Cancellations done more than two (2) weeks prior to start of camp will be refunded at 80% of tuition, cancellations less than two (2) weeks prior to start of camp will not be refunded.

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