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Programming in Scratch

Camp Duration: Each camp is a 4 day camp that meets 3 hours each day, and limited to 10 students.

Ages: 9-14

Cost: $180

Computer programming teaches problem solving, how to recognize simple and complex patterns, data analysis and how to develop algorithms.  Students that develop these skills will be able to apply them to many other subjects, as well as in life.

Students will each have their own computer and will learn to program using Scratch – a programming language developed by MIT and intended to make programming accessible to students and FUN to use.  Scratch can be used by elementary and middle school students to create games, computer animation and other multimedia projects.

Introduction to Programming in Scratch: This class will introduce students to basic programming principals and techniques.  Students will learn the basics of the Scratch language as they work through tasks and projects from easy to difficult.

Advanced Programming in Scratch: Students will continue to explore the Scratch programming language by using what they learned in our introduction camp to complete more complex challenges.

Class will meet 3 hours each day for 4 days, and will be limited to 10 students. If students miss a class there are no makeups.

*Camp openings are not updated in real time and therefore can not be guaranteed.  Confirmation emails will indicate if student was enrolled in camp or placed on wait list.  Cancellation Policy: Cancellations done more than two (2) weeks prior to start of camp will be refunded at 80% of tuition, cancellations less than two (2) weeks prior to start of camp will not be refunded.


CampAgesDatesTimeLocationCostEnroll Online
Addition & Subtraction6-8July 17-20, 201710:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*$120Sold out
Addition & Subtraction6-8July 31-August 3, 201712:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*$120Sold Out
Addition & Subtraction6-8August 7-10, 201712:30-2:30pmUS Toy**$120Enroll
Time & Money7-8July 24-27, 201710:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*$120Enroll
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)8-9July 10-13, 201710:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*$120Closed
Multiplication & Division (Introduction)8-9August 7-10, 201710:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*$120Enroll-2 spots open
Multiplication & Division (Advanced)9-10July 24-27, 201712:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*$120Sold Out
Fractions and Decimals9-10July 31-August 3, 201710:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey*$120Enroll
Pre-Algebra11-12August 7-10, 201712:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*$120Enroll
Brain Builders: Problem Solving8-9July 10-13, 201712:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*$120Sold Out
Brain Builders: Problem Solving10-11July 17-20,201712:30-2:30pmMath Monkey*$120Enroll-1 spot open
Introduction to Lego Engineering6-9June 12-15, 201712:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey*$180Closed
Introduction to Lego Engineering6-9July 31-August 3, 201712:30pm-3:30pmUS Toy**$180Enroll
Advanced Lego Engineering6-9July 17-20, 201712:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Lego: Simple & Motorized Machines6-9May 30-June 2, 20179:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Lego: Simple & Motorized Machines6-9July 3, 5-7, 2017 (no lesson 7/4)9:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Lego: Simple & Motorized Machines: Renewable Energy7-10June 26-29, 201712:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Lego: Simple & Motorized Machines: Renewable Energy7-10August 7-10, 20179:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Junior Robotics8-10June 5-8, 201712:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Introduction to Lego Robotics9-14May 30-June 2, 201712:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Introduction to Lego Robotics9-14July 24-27, 201712:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Advanced Lego Robotics9-14June 19-22, 201712:30pm-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Introduction to Programming in Scratch9-14July 10-13, 20179:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Closed

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