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Coding is the new world-wide language.  When students learn to program, or code, they learn to think creatively and problem solve.  Math Monkey has developed several programming camps for students as young as 8 years old.  Contact Math Monkey at 913-897-6284 or Leawood@MathMonkeyKC.com if you have any questions.

Camp Duration: Each camp is a 4 day camp that meets 3 hours each day, and limited to 10 students.

Camp Cost: $180


Introduction to Programming in Python8-16June 3-6, 20199:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Introduction to Programming in Python8-16July 1,2,3 & 5, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Programming in Scratch8-16June 10-13, 20199:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Programming in Scratch8-16July 15-18, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey $180Enroll
Game Development in Python8-16June 17-20, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Game Development in Python8-16July 22-25, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Android App Development8-16June 3-6, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Android App Development8-16July 8-11, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Web Page Development8-16June 10-13, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Web Page Development8-16July 29-August 1, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Advanced Web Development using JavaScript8-16June 24-27, 201912:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Closed
Advanced Web Development using JavaScript8-16July 29-August 1, 20199:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Enroll


Introduction to Programming in Python

Ages: 8-16

Learn the fundamentals of programming in the world’s most popular programming language.  Students will learn programming concepts using the Python programming language, which this year, became the most popular first language students learn world-wide.  The class will cover the basics of programming and use Python to create programs to solve a variety of problems.  Students may bring their laptops to class if they choose.  Environment:  Python 3.6/ Laptop (students may bring their own computer to class)

Android App Development

Ages: 8-16

Using MIT App Inventor, which is a Visual Drag-And-Drop online development tool similar to Scratch, students will develop exciting apps for their Android phones. The course will focus on basic concepts and provide plenty of hands-on experience to engage them in the whole development process. No previous programming experience is necessary, though a knowledge of Python, Java or Scratch would be helpful.
Even if you prefer IOS, this class will show students how to work through the process of developing apps. Android holds 75% of the app market so if you want to release an app to a larger audience, you will need to create a version for Android.

Laptops will be provided but students may bring their own computer to class if they choose.  They may also bring an Android table or Kindle to use in class.

Programming in Scratch

Ages: 8-16

Learn to program in the popular Scratch programming language.  Use the outstanding GUI interface to drag and drop programming statements into the language run-time environment.   Students will learn the fundamentals of programming using this easy to use environment and will develop an exciting game by the end of the course.  Environment: Scratch 2.0.
Laptops will be provided but students may bring their own computer to class if they choose.

Game Development in Python

Ages: 8-16

Students will apply their knowledge of Python to design and develop a popular “Arcade” style game.    Students will be introduced the Python PyGame library and will utilize classes and Sprites to create their game.
Laptops will be provided but students may bring their own computer to class if they choose.
Previous experience in Python programming is recommended for this class.

Web Page Development

Ages: 8-16

Students will learn the fundamentals of Web Page development using HTML5 and CSS3.  We will cover the concepts of design, coding and testing of Web Pages and will introduce the JavaScript programming language.  Environment:  HTML5/CSS3/Notepad++/
Laptops will be provided but students may bring their own computer to class if they choose.
This is an entry level class, no experience is required.

Advanced Web Development Using JavaScript

Ages: 8-16

Take web development to the next level by adding JavaScript to your skillset.   Using JavaScript, the most popular web language, you will add animation and interactivity to your websites.   This class assumes that you have some experience in website development, but that is not essential, as the material will be specifically tailored to fit your experience and needs.  If you have ever wanted to create that killer website, then this class if for you.

Environment: Laptops and all necessary software will be provided, however, students may bring their own Windows or Mac computer if they wish.


*Camp openings are not updated in real time and therefore can not be guaranteed.  Confirmation emails will indicate if student was enrolled in camp or placed on wait list.  Cancellation Policy: Cancellations done more than two (2) weeks prior to start of camp will be refunded at 80% of tuition, cancellations less than two (2) weeks prior to start of camp will not be refunded.

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