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At Math Monkey, we help students develop the skills that they will need to compete in our ever-changing, highly competitive world.  We understand that while schools give our students the basic knowledge and understanding of mathematics, many students need more.

Our powerful curriculum teaches students that there is more than one way to solve a problem.  These techniques will build your child’s understanding of mathematics while building their confidence and teaching them valuable problem solving and reasoning skills.

Each student is placed in the program/class based on their individual ability and not age or grade.  This allows us to ensure we challenge each student and instill the confidence to push  forward.

Weekly Classes

After completing our complimentary assessment, students are place in one of our seven classes based on their individual skill level.

1-on-1 Sessions

Math Monkey offers 1-on-1 sessions both at our center or in the convenience of your home.  1-on-1 sessions allow the tutor to focus specifically on the needs to that student.

Math Olympiads

Build advanced problem solving skills.


Eight hour camps designed to sharpen a student’s skills during breaks from school.

What We Do