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Join Math Monkey for fun and educational camps over spring break.  We have morning and afternoon camps.

All camps will meet for 3 hours a day for 4 days and each class will be limited to 10 students (5:1 student to teacher ratio). If students miss a class there are no makeups.

Lego: Simple and Motorized Machines

Ages: 6-9

Cost: $180

LEGO Simple & Powered Machines allows student to work as young scientists, engineers and designers. Students will design and make models, test and observe their models perform, re-design and then retest their models. Students collaborate in building their models by each building a subset, then combining them to create a complete model.

Our teachers will guide students through each build and challenge them to think. Classes are kept small so each students gets the most out of their experience.

Introduction to Programming in Python

Ages: 8-16

Cost: $180

Learn the fundamentals of programming in the world’s most popular programming language.  Students will learn programming concepts using the Python programming language, which this year, became the most popular first language students learn world-wide.  The class will cover the basics of programming and use Python to create programs to solve a variety of problems.

Environment:  Python 3.6/ Laptop (students may bring their own computer to class if they choose).


Lego: Simple and Motorized Machines6-9March 12-15, 201812:30-3:30pmMath Monkey$180Enroll
Introduction to in Python8-16March 12-15, 20189:00am-12:00pmMath Monkey$180Enroll

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