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Each of our students will be given a complimentary assessment to determine the most appropriate class.  This enables us to make sure we place students in classes that will challenge them.  Below you will find the current list of troops along with a short description of topics covered.

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Lemur (Pre-K):  This is a class held in during the 10 weeks of summer and is specifically designed for students that will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  Lessons will focus on reading, writing and recognizing numbers, patterns, matching sets to numbers, understanding addition and subtraction.   Mondays at 4:15 or Wednesdays at 5:15, June 7-August 11, 2021. More Information

Lemur:  Students understand basic single digit addition and subtraction through 6 (at a minimum) with little to no use of objects or fingers, comparison of objects, patterns, clock, coins and skip counting. (Recommended for Kindergarten – 1st Grade)

Spider:  Students understand basic single digit addition and subtraction through 18 with little to no use of objects or fingers, adding and subtracting double digits with no carries or borrows, measurement, adding using Complements of 10, missing addends, clock and money. (Recommended for 1st – 2nd Grade)

Chimpanzee: Students understand Complements of 10 when adding and subtracting, Traditional vs. Mental addition with carries, Borrowing vs. Lending subtraction, time, money, measurement, graphs, line segments, perimeter, small word problems and patterns leading to multiplication. (Recommended for 2nd – 3rd Grade)

Orangutan:  Students work on different techniques to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally, basic multiplication and division tables, rounding, estimating, units of measurement, perimeter and area, Magic of 11 and Nikhilam multiplication and in-depth word problem solving. (Recommended for 3rd – 4th Grade)

Baboon: Students work on different advanced techniques to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally, digit sums to check work, fractions, ratios, decimals, traditional long division, percents, graphing, perimeter and area. (Recommended for 4th-5th Grade)

Gorilla:  Students work on different advanced techniques to multiply and divide mentally, solve advanced word problems, decimals, metric conversions, work with fractions and mixed numbers, statistics, probabilities, logic puzzles, and more long division. (Recommended for 5th – 6th Grade)

Silverback: Students work on Pre-Algebra and Algebra concepts including positive and negative integers and exponents, ratios and proportions, decimals, order of operations, solving single and multi-step algebraic equations, inequalities, graphing linear and non-linear equations. (Recommended for 6th-7th Grade)

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